Short Courses

Our Short Courses

At ICCA, we are committed to providing a range of educational opportunities to help students achieve their creative aspirations. Our short courses, which range from three months to 18 months, offer a flexible and accessible way for students to gain new skills and knowledge in their chosen field of study.

Our short courses cover all fields of learning offered at ICCA, and are taught by our partner schools, including two schools that are directly owned by ICCA – Tenstrings Music Institute and Lagos School of Design. These partner schools share our commitment to providing high-quality education, and bring a wealth of expertise and experience to their teaching.

In addition to our own partner schools, we have established partnerships with reputable art schools across Africa to deliver our short courses, as well as year one studies for our degree programs.

Our short courses are designed to be practical and hands-on, with a focus on developing skills that students can apply in their chosen profession. Whether you are looking to gain new skills, improve your existing skills, or explore new areas of interest, our short courses offer a flexible and fast-tracked way to achieve your goals.

Short Music Courses

Our short music courses are delivered by our school of music, Tenstrings Music Institute.

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Other Short Courses

The other short courses in Fashion, Filmmaking, Web and Graphics Design, Photography, etc, are delivered by our school, Lagos School of Design (LSD).

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