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If you’re a musician interested in advancing your skills and pursuing a career in music performance, this is the best degree for you.

The Music Performance program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques, history, and context of music performance. Over the course of three years, students will declare a principal instrument and receive tutelage on that instrument until the final year. They will participate in an ensemble/band until the final year and receive training to develop musicianship. Additionally, they will be introduced to music technology, including recording AND production.

Throughout the program, students will study music theory and aural skills, including the application of these skills to the study and performance of various genres of popular music. They will also explore the historical and cultural contexts of music performance, including the history of music performance in Nigeria, covering topics such as traditional Nigerian music, Afrobeats, Juju, Highlife, and more

The music industry is constantly evolving, offering new opportunities and challenges for musicians to explore and adapt to.

Entry requirements

We are delighted that you are considering one of our courses at ICCA. To ensure that you meet the entry requirements, kindly take note of the following:

  1. Candidates must possess a minimum of five credits at the O’level, including Mathematics and English, which are compulsory subjects.

  2. In addition to meeting the academic requirements, candidates will be required to attend an admission interview. The interview will provide an opportunity for our admissions team to assess your suitability for the program and determine your potential for success in your chosen field.

  3. Candidates with at least five years of industry experience in their chosen field, will qualify for automatic placement into the second year of their chosen program. Such candidates must display exceptional talent, skills, and a substantial portfolio. Our admissions team will consider your experience, talent, and skills alongside your portfolio during the admission process.

We believe that the entry requirements for our courses will ensure that our students have the necessary skills, talent, and academic background to excel in their chosen fields. We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our creative arts college in Lagos, Nigeria.

Course structure and modules

Year 1, Semester 1:

  • Principal Instrument I
  • Ensemble/Band I
  • Musicianship I: Theory and Aural Training
  • Fundamentals of Music Performance
  • Introduction to Music Technology

Year 1, Semester 2:

  • Principal Instrument II
  • Ensemble/Band II
  • Musicianship II: Theory and Aural Training
  • Music Performance: History and Context
  • Music Technology: Applications for Performance


Year 2, Semester 1:

  • Principal Instrument III
  • Ensemble/Band III
  • Musicianship III: Theory and Aural Training
  • Music Performance: Techniques and Interpretation
  • Music Technology: Recording and Production Techniques
  • Elective (Compulsory)

Year 2, Semester 2:

  • Principal Instrument IV
  • Ensemble/Band IV
  • Musicianship IV: Theory and Aural Training
  • Music Technology: Live SoundReinforcement
  • Music Business and Marketing
  • Elective (Compulsory)


Year 3, Semester 1:

  • Principal Instrument V
  • Ensemble/Band V
  • Music Performance: Career and Professional Development
  • Music Technology: Advanced Production Techniques
  • Elective Course(Optional)

Year 3, Semester 2:

  • Principal Instrument VI
  • Ensemble/Band VI
  • Music Performance: Senior Recital and Final Project
  • Music Technology: Advanced Live Sound Techniques
  • Elective Course(Optional)

Note: The elective courses could be pulled from other disciplines such as Music Production, Digital Photography, Creative Entrepreneurship, Drama and Theatre Arts or any other relevant course that the student may choose in consultation with their academic advisor.

How you study

At ICCA, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning experience. To achieve this, we offer a flexible approach to studying that combines in-person lectures with e-learning. This approach allows our students to balance their academic pursuits with other commitments and provides a learning environment that suits their individual needs.


€3,850 per academic academic year. 

Note: 70% of fees must be paid before commencement of intended program.

Career opportunities

As a graduate of our Music Performance program, you will have acquired a solid foundation in music theory, history, and performance techniques. You will have developed a broad range of skills in areas such as ensemble playing, solo performance, composition, and improvisation.

This broad skillset opens up a variety of career opportunities for our graduates. You could pursue a career as a professional musician, performing as a soloist or as part of an ensemble. You could also work as a session musician, collaborating with other artists in the studio or on tour. Other career options include teaching music at a school, college, or university level, working as a music director, or pursuing opportunities in music production or sound engineering.